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Dogs on a Bench

Private Dog Training: Initial Consult-  $150

Need behavioral help with your dog? Whether you have an adult dog experiencng fear or reactivity or an impulsive adolescent we can help! Initial Consults are 75 minute long private training sessions.  We meet in your home and in your dog's environment to help you start to build the foundation for behavioral well-being. At the initial consult, we'll go over your dog's behavior, your training goals and get you started with skills and tools to advance you towards your goals. We offer follow-ups as needed.

Packages: 3 Training Sessions- $350

                    4 Training Sessions- $435

                    6 Training Sessions- $630

Walk and Train:

Training walks: While you work we work with your dog to teach them new leash skills and maintain the skills they are learning with you. This service is only available to owners who are enrolled with us through private training.

30 Minute Walk and Train-  $50
45 minute Walk and Train- $75

Let’s Work Together

Schedule a call so we can discuss your training goals and help guide you to which option is best for you and your family.

“Ali and team are fantastic with my young dog! Ali has worked with us for both one-on-one training and dogwalks. She is so gentle and patient with my shy puppy, and gave me very clear and realistic steps to improve his confidence and social skills. We saw results immediately! My pup loves her and her team and greets them enthusiastically every time we interact. I feel very good about her care for and training of my dog."

Ned's mom, Kaity

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