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Off Leash Adventures
Beyond the Dog Park

Learn, Play, Thrive

Dogs need time off leash and time in nature to thrive.  We strive to bring your dogs enriching experiences. Our Beyond the Park Adventures are immersive experiences for your dog.  We bring your dog with other dog friends to Sniff Spots with acreage outside the city.  Your dog will get to engage all their senses with new areas to sniff, explore, dig, roll in the leaves, moss or grass, the freedom to run and play with dogs they know and the opportunity to just be a dog. We'll also work with your dog on their recall, play, ability to cooperate and handling skills. 


About Our Adventures

Our Off Leash Adventures are for members only. This ensures your dog is always guaranteed their space. It allows the dogs to develop relationships with each other and their handlers. It reduces the risks of illness and injury. When your dog joins our crew you become a part of a community of like minded dog owners.

  • Minimum 2 Day a Week Commitment per month

  • Adventures are $50/trip including Pick Up and Drop Off

  • Currently available on Monday-Friday

  • Pick ups(8:30am -10am) & Drop offs(2-3:30pm) 

  • We work on behavioral conditioning while we are out and about. This helps develop and maintain skills that will benefit your dog and you relationship with your dog.

  • We visit different SniffSpots so your dog has the opportunity to explore, sniff and have access to variety.

  • The Spots we use range from fenced, partially fenced to hiking opportunities.

  • As dogs progress in their skills and reliability they gain more access to freedom.

  • We use GPS trackers on the dogs for peace of mind.  (More about Tractive)

  • We create and encourage opportunities for healthy play.

  • We focus on creating opportunities for the dogs to sniff, forage, dig and engage in natural dog behaviors.

Requirements for Membership:

  • Dogs must enjoy the company of other dogs and people

  • Dogs must be up to date on vaccines

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age

  • Dogs may only wear flat collars and/or harnesses. (no choke chains, prong collars or electric collars)

  • Dogs must attend twice a week


How it works:

  • Submit an application 

  • We'll reach out to book a call. We'll discuss your dog's personality and needs and what days you are looking for.

  • If you dog has trouble listening to you or other dogs they will need to start out through one of our private training programs and then advance to train and play before entering our adventure program.

  • Dogs that have good off leash skills and social experiences will start with an assessment day.

  • At your dog's assessment day we will observe how they do in group, how the other dog's respond to their presence, how your dog does on the drive and how your dog does with responsiveness to cues(human and dog). We will determine if this is the best environment and group for your dog and what we need to do to support them in becoming the best dog they can be.

  • We'll go over your dog's assessment with you and let you know our plan to best support you and your dog.

  • We pick up your dog, bring them adventuring with friends for a few hours and then bring them home.

  • You come home to a tired, happy dog.



We currently offer our Off Leash Adventures for dogs in Ravenna, Wallingford, Bryant, Maple Leaf, Phinney Ridge, and Green Lake. 

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