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About Seattle Soul Dog


Our mission: To provide opportunities and experiences through our training and adventure programs that will enrich the lives of the dogs in our care and foster rich relationships between the dogs and their parents.
We believe that dogs provide us so much love and joy and that they deserve our best. All our services are designed to help you get the most out of this unique relationship and to support you through your dog's development.
Our methods: We use humane, evidence based practices. We seek to build trust and cooperation in the dog-owner relationship.  We do this by training with positive reinforcement and setting our dog's up for success. We will never use fear or intimidation to "train" your dog. We train to build confidence, trust and freedom.
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Ali Bradshaw, CCFT, UW-AAB, BA 

My passion is working with dogs and their people. I have been lucky to work in the world of dogs for the past 25 years. I have been studying behavior and training dogs since 2010. I love to see dogs learn and then thrive in their homes and relationships. I believe that dogs play such an important role in our lives and I believe they deserve our best. Our off leash adventures and training services are all centered around the belief that dogs are social animals that require regular loving attention, care, positive training, enrichment and exercise to be happy, healthy and thrive.

Madisen- Off Leash Play Curator

I am a life-long lover of dogs who has been lucky enough to work with these amazing animals directly since 2016. Whether it’s on leash or off; individual or pack walks; in a bus, van or on foot - I’m game for it all! As an aspiring trainer, I find so much reward in working with dogs and their families because there are always opportunities for growth and connection. There is immense joy to be found in these relationships and it is my absolute pleasure to partner with you in creating environments for you and your pet to thrive together.


What Clients Say

"Whatever you did-you're a miracle worker. She does not pull on the leash at all...Thank you for everything. I cannot express how happy this makes me."- Kate, Ruthie's mom
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~ Kate, Ruthie's mom

We want you to be free to enjoy the relationship you have with your dog and to live the life you want to live with your dog.  We know our relationships with our dogs are enhanced when our dogs are able to behave in ways that work for our families. We want dogs to be free to live a life of security and freedom.  We know that the more we can trust our dogs and the more they have been trained to live in our environments the more opportunity for freedom they have. 


Everything we say and everything we do is aligned with what we know to be true about dogs and their relationships with us.  We use clear communication and positive approaches to build confidence, manners and behaviorally sound dogs. We believe in and live our industry's best practices.


We commit to keeping up to date with the latest research and information about behavior and training so you can rest assured that we will provide sound and effective training for your dog and family. We are cognizant that our dogs as well as ourselves are always learning and that there is always opportunity for growth. 



No pressure or obligation. :)

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