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About Seattle Soul Dog


Our mission: To provide opportunities and experiences through our training and adventure programs that will enrich the lives of the dogs in our care and foster rich relationships between the dogs and their parents.
We believe that dogs provide us so much love and joy and that they deserve our best. All our services are designed to help you get the most out of this unique relationship and to support you through your dog's development.
Our adventures are designed to help meet your dog's core needs. Behavioral wellness is contingent on your dog's needs being met.  With our busy lives, and city environment it is hard for the modern dog owner to meet these needs on their own.  We are here to partner with you in supporting your dog's well being by providing opportunities for dogs to engage inspecies specific behavior, building trusting relationships and providing access to nature rich environments.
Our training methods:
We use humane, evidence based practices. We seek to build trust and cooperation in the dog-owner relationship.  We do this by training with positive reinforcement and setting our dogs up for success. We will never use fear or intimidation to "train" your dog. We train to build cooperation,confidence, trust and freedom.

Seattle Soul Dog: What's in the name?

Webster defines soul as:
  • an active or essential part
  • the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is
  • the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment
  • spiritual or moral force
Synonyms: essence, heart, center, core

At Seattle Soul Dog, we believe we have an ethical and a moral obligation to the dogs in our care. This may sound heavy but we are serious about dogs and our love for dogs. We believe they have the right and the need to express themselves in species typical behaviors and it is our responsibility to give them access to the freedom of this self expression in safe and appropriate ways.

We also believe that our lives are richer and fuller when we are actually with our dogs, watching them be dogs, watching them live from their core, their essence, delighting in their being. Dogs bring us so much joy and love and we believe it is time for us as a species to reciprocate by creating opportunities for our dogs to be dogs.
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