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Train and Play

Learn, Play, Thrive

Train and Play is a day training program offered for puppies and dogs older than  16 weeks. The program is intended for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs or puppies who need playmates to help them develop socially. Through our train and play program, your dog will get to play off leash with other dogs and then train with one of our trainers in different environments. The program is designed to help dogs enter or our off leash program. We'll work with your dog during the day to  build healthy social skills, confidence in city environments and useful life skills like loose leash walking and coming when called. The program includes private dog training lessons so you can keep up with your dog's progress and learn how to maintain these skills at home.

Train and Play

  • Offered Monday-Thursday.

  • Programs are 4-6 weeks long.

  • We focus on social and environmental conditioning.

  • Provides extra support for you and your pup during critical times of development.

  • We create and encourage opportunities for healthy play.

  • We train in different environments to help your dog proof their skills.

  • We focus on building cooperation, trust and confidence.

  • We work on off leash and on leash skills.

Requirements for Train and Play:

  • Dogs must enjoy the company of other dogs and people

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months old

  • Dogs over 12 months of age must be spayed or neutered

  • Dogs may only wear flat collars and/or harnesses. (no choke chains, prong collars or electric collars)

  • Dogs must attend a minimum of two days a week


How it works:

  • Book a call to discuss your dog and pick a time for our initial consult.

  • Pick a program that works for you and your dog's development.

  • We pick up your dog, bring him/her to the park to play, explore and learn. Then your dog will receive one on one training and head home.

  • You come home to a tired, happy dog who's learned some new skills and had fun.

  • We will send you a daily progress report and book time with you throughout the program to demonstrate and teach you how to maintain your dog's new skills.



We currently offer our Train and Play Program  for puppies and dogs in Ravenna, Wallingford, Bryant, Maple Leaf, Hawthorne Hills, Phinney Ridge, Viewridge, and Green Lake. Don't see your area?  Feel free to check in and if we are unable to help we most likely know another professional who can.

What Clients Say

"Ali's Puppy Program was a huge help with socialization, training and our sanity on busy work days."
~ Tasha, Hank's mom
Dog Pet
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